sunnuntai 11. syyskuuta 2011

Briefly about this site PREPARE! in english

The world is full of risks. Why shouldn't you prepare in advance? Things do not always work as they should, and then there will be need for good advice. This blog is to give food for thought and tips on risk management in everyday situations and possible scenarios.

Be prepared?

What does it mean? Preparedness is expanded term for survivalism. Preparedness is not just about survival and related skills, but it covers the whole spectrum of life from everyday situations to fictional apocalyptic scenarios.

Why should I be prepared?

What do you do if the electricity, gas, water or heat distribution fails? Or you are in your car on a little more remote roads and your car breaks down. If you are not prepared in any way, you will find very quickly problems in front of you. Those problem situations, or really risks, are part of our everyday life, but still we go on. When something happens, then those who have thought about things in advance are better placed than others. They do not waste time for nothing, but they can act as the situation requires.

Today, we live mostly in cities in the delusional belief that everything always works as it should. We go shopping food and other stuff 24/7, and always believe that we have everything available without disturbances. However, even a short power outage can cause distress and make life very difficult. What if you are without electricity for a long time away - for a few days or weeks? Then the problems begin to accumulate immediately.

This blog theme is closely related to the book:

If you find this interesting, please contact the publisher DOCENDO (which is part of WSOYpro) and ask for translating and distributing this book in english.